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I have first aid kits in my house, both cars, work, and range bag. These all have two tourniquets, chest seals, quick clot (or another brand), and other things to control major bleeding.

I grew up in a medical family and was a boy scout, so the basics have been hammered in pretty hard. I try to do a few things every year. A trauma class, and a few firearms training classes. I am much more likely to find people in need to medical attention than needing my firearm to defend myself.

If you have a computer and you don't know how to do anything but turn it on but think you know technology, you are a moron. If you have a gun to defend yourself and you haven't practiced drawing to fire and clearing your house but think you are safe, you are a moron. If you have medical supplies and no idea to how to use them but think you can help injured people, you are a moron. Maybe you are hoping that your stuff can get used by another bystander? That concept has never flown with me... I aim to be a sheepdog, not a sheep.
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