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I work in construction and have seen a few nasty wounds first hand, including a powder actuated nail gun injury to the chest. The majority of the injuries we see are cuts. We had the luxury of being able to call in professional medical care quickly. The only injury we couldn't stop the bleeding on was the chest wound. Direct pressure and pressure points stopped bleeding on a nearly severed hand. Training was the best tool in all cases. We keep a first aid kit with dressings and bandages that took care of everything. But if we hadn't been trained in what to do with what we had the outcome may have been very different. I say this only to stress that I agree with previous statements that you need training for what you carry. Otherwise you will be reading a manual when you should be taking action to help a loved one.

Also, I don't want 1 person in my party trained. What if that is the person that needs help?
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