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To answer your question about sources for the gear; if you have already looked online for the it, I'm led to believe you're looking for some of the equipment that is only available via prescription/physician's ID number. While these tools set the trauma kit apart from a first-aid, boo-boo-and-snivels kit, they may simply not be available. These are usually the things that go into a patient's body; OPA/NPA, IV catheters, IV fluids, etc.

As many others have already mentioned, training is really important. There are many life-saving methods and techniques that can be accomplished without the fancy gear. The nice gear is intended to lessen the burden on a medic treating multi-system injury.

Patient positioning, for example, is overlooked as a potentially life-saving technique. Having someone suffer from aspiration pneumonia after inhaling their own vomit is easily avoided, yet can harm someone well after the traumatic injuries are resolved.

You can learn to use a tourniquet in very short order. Non-compressible bleeds that can't be treated with tourniquets take some hands-on training on technique, and can't be learned from a video. These injuries are common, i.e. thoracic compromise, high femoral injury, etc. However, if a video is all you have access to due to time/money constraints, it sure as hell beats nothing.

Train to be an expert at the basics, because not knowing them is a shameful way to let someone die. (A bit grim, isn't it?)

So again, the training should come first.
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