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Probably need to learn more about chest wounds as sometimes they need a tube inserted....not sure why.
TAKE A CLASS!!! None of the IFAK gear is worth much without the training to go with it. Wound packing, pressure dressings, even the proper application of a tourniquet MATTER.

As for needle decompression for tension pneumothorax (“they need a tube inserted”) is a pretty advanced skill. Not hard to learn, but it is dangerous if not done correctly. Poking around in someones chest should not be done lightly.

Lots of firearms training schools now offer TCCC type training. Im firmly in the camp that EVERY adult should know these skills. Not just for gunfights.... car crashes, powertool accidents, whatever.

I carry both an IFAK and a more complete trama bag in my Jeep, as well as carrying a RATS tourniquet on my person as part of my EDC. Poopoo happens and i like to have tools available to deal with said excrement
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