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You didn't mention your time or budget regarding your decision making process. The. Est thing is to assess your skill and comfort with shooting and carrying a particular model. Recruit the help of friends who have guns that you can try. Guns are not inexpensive purchases: maintenance, extra magazines, holsters, ammunition, speedclips/moon clips/moonclips all add up.

Caliber doesn't really matter as much as what you shoot well, can afford and can find in terms of availability.

I used a government 1911 initially while I looked for a gun for concealment, interchanging with a Ruger SP-101. I grabbed a Glock 23 followed by a 27 because they afforded me interchangeability for compact and subcompact sized pistols. I carry my 27 these days because I can conceal and hit with it the best two handed, one handed or weak handed.

I will carry a LCR at times when I just need to quickly make a run or walk the dog. I carry the Glocks when I have some time to get ready.

I don't like guns with external safeties. That's just me.

When choosing a gun, determine what holster you will use. They really should be chosen together. IWB is the most flexible regarding clothing, concealment, to me. Bear in mind, a revolver is best carried IWB unless it's a snubby, then pocket is viable.

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