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It does matter if a nervous bystander with a weapon perceives me as a criminal because I backed into a parking space and am irritated that my passenger is taking a while in the restroom or buying a drink/snack and I'm looking around to see where the heck they are.
The operative phrase would be "perceives you as an indication of potential risk"

Why does it matter? If you do not like it, do not conduct yourself as would a getaway driver.

...if you're going to avoid situations, good for you, but if you are going to take some sort of action, you better be sure of what you are seeing.
Always true, but calling 911 should have a relatively low threshold for that rule.

A parked-facing-out-by-the-exit-with-the-engine-running observation would be real red flag, regardless of whether some innocent drivers might prefer, for some reason, to do that. It is the best way to get away quickly after a robbery. Innocent explanation possible? Sure.

Leaving is, of course, best.

When the car has come in the wrong way on a one-way road and will head out the wrong way, the indication is a little stronger, and a call Smith well be appropriate.

Never got through To 911?
That's alarming.
But not surprising. I knew a parole officer in the city of St. Louis who had been put on hold more than once when reporting violent break-ins to 911.
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