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We can do a number of things to minimize the chances of being involved in a violent encounter and we must each weigh what steps we are going to take and how it is going to impact our lifestyle.
Yes. It is a matter of balance.

I SHOULD NOT HAVE WALKED INTO THAT STORE. The driver sitting the wrong way by the exit and seeming to be coordinating with someone inside should have stopped me cold. I noticed it all. Massad's words were almost ringing in my ears. But I went in anyway. Good neighborhood, complacency, "it won't happen to me"...

The inconvenience of not doing so until later would not have seriously impacted my "lifestyle". Getting involved in gunfire, on the other hand....

The next time we saw an SUV parked the wrong way by the exit of that store in that good neighborhood, my wife and I immediately went to "Plan B" without thinking twice about it, and dialed 911. Turned out to be an innocuous thing.

We take steps to avoid having to refuel in certain areas. We do not patronize restaurants in some neighborhoods. We avoid a major mall that has become a hotbed for criminal activity and gangs.

I occasionally shop at a store that is in a center that is not in the best area. I go only in the daytime, and when possible I go with with someone else. I drive around the lot once. Were there another source anywhere near here for my favorite Czech beer, I wouldn't go at all.

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