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I was that good guy with a gun once. It was at a corner store/gas station around 11:00 pm. I knew the clerk as I stopped by frequently when going from work to home.

I noticed a short guy in a tee shirt get out of a car that was parked on the street 90 degrees from the door so no one in the store could see. the bad guy got out on the passenger side indicating there was a getaway driver waiting.

I waited outside in view of the counter but away from the sight of the BG and clerk. The guy pulled a gun and order contents of the cash register. as soon as he had a handfull of cash, the BG bolted thru the door and ran a 50 yd dash to the waiting car. they sped down the road as I was calling 911.

The clerk was badly shaken as most any of us would have been. I waited with him and gave the license number and description to the police when they arrived.

The bad guys were apprehended 45 minutes later.

No one got hurt, good outcome.
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