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A Good Guy with a Gun Walked into a Store

But he shouldn't have.

His training should have told him to not go in.

All the signs were there....a man acting nervously was moving his car around so he could see a particular place inside the store. His car was near the door, and pointed the wrong way.

The good guy noticed that and recognized it as an indication that a robbery might well be imminent. He even remembered Mas Ayoob's description of just such a scenario as a reason to go somewhere else.

But he ignored what he saw and what he knew and went in anyway.

And inside was a man looking out at the driver and glancing nervously at the office. Going back out would likely have alerted the getaway driver.

When the bad guy noticed the good guy looking at him (and looking around), reaching for a cell phone, and moving quickly (to get a clear shot with a backstop, if necessary), he panicked, dropped his soft drink bottle, and ran out to the waiting car. They took off with great haste.

We all make mistakes, and as spacemanspiff said in another thread, "Everyone should remember that carrying a gun, practicing, mentally going thru scenarios, never GUARANTEES the best possible outcome".

Things turned out okay, but they may well not have.

That's one mistake that that good guy--this good guy--will not make again.

Let me take this opportunity to say that when we critique the actions of others in this forum, we are well aware that we are all human, and that we may have done the same things. Our purpose here is to discuss and to teach and to help others.
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