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Hal (7000?)
9000. (if you mean the 2001 one)(anyhow, that's not my namesake.)
Hal as in Hal Jordan - DC comics flying fool super good guy turned bad then turned good again.

Anyhow - strange cause I tried it on two different 'puters and logging in from two different locations and had the same result. Current 'puter shows the same version exploder as yours.

*sigh* microsoft - - what can I say. They sure do go out of their way to make life miserable for people at times. I stongly suspect you might have some other program installed that's "stepping on" the IE. I see a lot of that day in and day out. All 4 of my work 'puters run extremely "clean" - meaning I don't have anything installed except microsoft approved (look for the flying window symbol) software.
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