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Thank you sir.
That is the one I found.
Err...I have to use this laptop - my only pc at home- for college on-line classes.

I don't mind using the pc's at college to learn stuff and piddle around, that is what some are allocated for in one of the labs. I mess those up, I can get bailed out.

At home, by my lonesome...boy I had a HDD crash once...If I knew back then what I know now...laptop is not the smart thing to buy for first and only pc . HDD was under warranty...the first time, second time I found out how pricey laptops can be.

I get ahead. I will buy another 'puter. I took the first part on building one...could probably build myself one. Will be taking 2nd part next. Some of this other stuff ...I go slow on. If I get a Tower type...I can replace stuff if need.

Always learning...always.
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