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Our rifle season has ended and I did not fill my doe tag.
Bought a couple of Savage 99s to hunt with this year. It felt good strolling through the woods still hunting, packing a Savage 99 with iron sights.
Brought back memories of past hunts when I was a younger man.

We have an alternate season that runs from Dec15 to Dec 25.
I don't have a muzzle loader, but this year they made it legal to hunt with a centerfire handgun during the alternate season.
So I guess I'll grab the 44mag out of the gun safe, blow the dust off it and go out and see if I can fill my doe tag.

I might also decide to use a 1911 in 45acp caliber, it would not be the first time I killed a deer with a 1911 45.

I hope the weather during alternate season is colder then it was during rifle season, it's hard for me to get enthused about deer hunting when it 70 plus degrees outside.

There's sure some great bucks pictured in this thread, congarts to all the shooters that filled their tags.

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Bob Hunter
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