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Originally Posted by azredhawk44
But, to my way of thinking, the 2nd ammendment is an affirmation of God granted rights, not a declaration by government that they give me these rights.
That's my view as well. I am also working on a CHL, because I have no particular desire to get in trouble with the law just for using a firearm to defend myself. Until then, however, these CCW laws will not dictate my actions. The Constitution was written in plain English, as simply and as directly as possible. I don't see anywhere that it cites "the privilege to keep and bear arms," no, it clearly refers to "the RIGHT" to do so. I want to be in full compliance, but that's simply for my own comfort that I am adhering to the contemporary letter of the law. The spirit of the law, however, is timeless, and that is what sits there, in my conscience.
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