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I was walking the dog (Golden Retreiver, about 70lbs) with my girlfriend2 nights ago and was bothered by this situation...

We were about 3/4 the way done with our walk and i heard 2 bicycles coming up behind us slowly. I could hear the freewheels clicking for quite a while, maybe 15 seconds.

It was 2 guys on inexpensive mountain bikes, around age 30. Both bikes still had the cardboard insert in their front wheels, indicating they had just come from the store.

One guy had a cane across the handlebars and both had a couple of shopping bags hanging from the bars.

They asked directions to the nearest major artery street (Shea).

I found it very strange that they had just picked up bikes from Walmart or Target or wherever, didn't have a vehicle to put them in to get back where they were going, and didn't know the neighborhood well enough to find Shea, which is a pretty big street.

I pointed out Shea, 1/4 mile down the street where the big intersection was, with the glowing stoplights and cars running thru.

They looked at each other, looked at our dog, and looked at me, and continued riding down the street towards Shea.

I won't walk the dog again without a gun.
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