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Nick what are you looking for? If fixed blade, there actually are some really good inexpensive options from morakniv and several others. The blade quality FAR exceeds what it should for the price. Only problem is they aren't tactical looking... if that IS a problem for you.

For my pocket folder, I have a cheap CRKT. It takes a good edge (can shave hair with it after a few licks on a fine stone) and holds it reasonably well. Durability is better than it should be for such a cheap knife. I carried Gerber paraframes for my cheap folder option for years. They were pretty decent, but I like the budget CRKT better.

There are options for really good blades that don't cost very much. You usually must forego stainless steel and accept carbon steel patina, along with the hopes of it looking "tacticool." But... options exist.
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