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I’m one of the lucky ones too.

When my wife and I got together she knew my son and I were avid shooters and competed in IPSC matches regularly. She didn’t grow up in a shooting household but had no objections to guns. I tried to introduce her to shooting with a 38 special but she was t interested. Skip forward 25 years, I took a long break from shooting to give all of my attention to my business.

Now I’m 70 and semi retired and got back into shooting. My wife asked me what I’d like for my birthday and I said a Henry 22 carbine. That was the beginning of a new phase of our marriage, when she saw it she wanted to go to the range with me and try it. Well she loved it so much she’s now the proud owner of my carbine and I have another one. And It didn’t stop there. We went to the gun store with me and saw a S&W 317 22 revolver and now she shoots it almost every week at the range with me. For her birthday I bought some cute arcade type paper targets, steel poppers and a dueling tree and she now looks forward to our trips to shoot.

Ok she took my carbine away from me but I got another, also a Henry pump 22, 4 1911’s of various calibers, micro 9, Ruger LCP, S&W model 34 nickel unfired and a S&W 625 45acp. She wanted to shoot my 625 and has indicated she’d like to shoot my Springfield 1911 9mm. She’s also thinking of getting her concealed carry permit.
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