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My wife's mother and father were in the Army, with her father still serving. Her grandfather she spent the most time with as a child was a police chief of a large metropolitan department. She was far more comfortable with me being a gun owner than my own family.

As for spending, she has a car she drives and a house she lives in for which she pays nothing. I'd sell any of my guns to take care of her or our son if something happened and the finances we have saved weren't enough, though that shouldn't happen. I've never been late on a single bill. I don't drink to excess, smoke, or gamble. To me that entitles me to a passion.

I wouldn't date a woman that wouldn't tolerate me liking firearms. She doesn't have to be as enthusiastic as me, but people need something outside of work and family. I've watched my father retire with no hobbies and he's practically lost and driving my mother nuts. My wife has her hobbies and I have mine. We don't chastise each other about them.

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