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zxcybob - you are correct on using the 9 crop die to crimp the 38 Colt Short - and you can adjust it outing your press to use on 38 Colt Long as well. While I prefer a roll trip on my 38s, I am not aware of anyone that makes a roll crimp die for the 38 Colt Short or Lng (currently anyway). I use (and I believe that is what Lee includes in their die sets for the 38 Colt Short/Long) a 9mm taper crimp die on mine. I've never had an issue with "bullet jump" using a taper crimp on them.

If a person wanted to, I would think that you could take a standard 38 Spec roll crimp die and shorten it by cutting the bottom off. I use the Lyman 310 tong dies quite a bit for many of the calibers i reload for pistol and rifle. Somewhere along the line, I came up with a roll crimp die that works on the Short/Long. It doesn't appear to be a "shortened" 38 Spl crimp die. I sometimes use that just for fun as I enjoy the 310 tools.

I think it may depend on the brand of dies you have but you can certainly size the brass using a standard 38/357 sizing die. I de-prime all of my brass using a "universal depriming die" but you could certainly do that in one step if you use your sizing die with the primer punch in it. I think most 9mm expanding dies will work - depends on what diameter bullet you are using - some change out the expander plug on the end of the stem if needed - a 9mm seating die should work as well and then the 9mm crimp die. Depending on your brand of dies, you might have to use a combination of dies to get the job done but it is a very "doable" thing to reload the 38 Colt Short/Long. I ended up just buying a set of Lee dies as they aren't that expensive and I use a 4 hole turret press and have a dedicated turret plate for those particular dies.
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