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I'm Applying For A NJ CHL

Most people will call me a fool, and they're most likely correct. However I'm tired of letting the state bully me and everyone else into not applying. My chances of having a permit granted to me I estimate are somewhere along the lines of 1 in 1000. I am fully prepared to be hasseled for the rest of my life in NJ during every future gun purchase when I'm denied...

That said I'm doing it anyway. I'm going to document every step I can to help perhaps being some light to the procedure.

I'm in the process of filling out paperwork at the moment. I will most likely submit it at the end of next week. After I speak with my 3 references and aquire several 1.5" photo's of myself as well as a $20 money order.

If you're interested in the paperwork, here's a link to it.

And if you're interesed in what the firearms laws are like in NJ this video is pretty comprehensive. Thanks to our friends at the New Jersey Second Amendment Foundation.

I would say wish me luck, but its going to take a whole lot more then that.
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