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You are basically doing the same thing as the guy in the video you describe. You shoot then move the crosshairs to adjust POI to coincide with POA. From your description, the person in the video is shooting then adjusting POA to coincide with POI. Same thing, just different description. it's not rocket science.

I sight in a lot of rifles for customers (don't ask me why they won't sight them in themselves). They are always amazed that I can sight in a rifle with just a few rounds of ammo so that it makes sense for them to pay me to do it (some of my customers shoot the expensive stuff). I laser bore sight the rifle before going to the range. I use 1" gridded sight-in targets. I shoot 2 rounds, then adjust the scope by number of clicks needed to move the crosshairs to POI. Repeat, fine adjust as needed. Typically 5 or 6 rounds, not 30 or 40 like some people do. I have sighted in 8 rifles in a day, and with some of the big boomers that's about all I want to sight in.
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