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Scope Sight In Process

So I can't believe I'm asking this question but how do you all sight in a scope? I ask because I just watched a video where the guy gives directions that are the EXACT opposite of how I've always done it.

The way I've done it in the past is to bore sight my rifle, take 5 shots, and see where I group. Let's say that at 100 yards my group was right 2 MOA and up 3 MOA from the bullseye. To adjust my scope I would move my knobs right 2 and up 3. Basically, I try to move the Point of Aim to Point of Impact.

In the video the guy does the opposite. Shoots a group at 100 yards with the same results, right 2 up 3 from the bullseye. He adjusts by moving his Point of Aim left 2 and down 3, and seems to completely ignore the Point of Impact. I can't argue with his results, he was shooting bullseye with only two adjustments.

What am I missing here?
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