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Several years ago, I injured my right hand, and I taught myself how to shoot as a "lefty". At first, it was very awkward. I had a couple of "lefty" shooting buddies, so I asked if I could observe their draws, presentations and shooting. Then, I put in a lot of time in front of a full-length mirror....with an EMPTY firearm! I started out in a slow-motion, and as it became more comfortable, I sped up my actions.

Range time was a necessity, but only for the shooting aspect. I also went to a remote area where I could safely draw/present/shoot without causing anyone else to worry about it.

As far as eye dominance goes, I've always been a "righty" SHOOTER, but with LEFT eye dominance. I've done a LOT of work on using one eye closed, both eyes open, and what is called the "Quell Method" ("righty" shooting, but dropping the right cheek onto my upper arm/shoulder area and aiming with the left eye). The "Quell Method" is a bit awkward, at least at first, but with practise it becomes almost natural.

By the way, I still carry on my LEFT hip, as a "lefty" shooter would do, but I can draw "lefty" and make a transition to my right hand for shooting almost as fast as if I had done it 100% as a "righty"! Add to that, if necessary, I can draw as a "lefty" and shoot left-handed almost as good as I can as a "righty".

Remember, practise does NOT "make perfect"! Only "perfect" practise will make you a better shooter! If you have any bad habits and "practise" them, you're not going to achieve "perfection"!
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