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In the late '60s, a DCM Carbine was $35. You could buy Garands and such most anywhere for under $200.

Some of the anti-black derives from the protesters of the Vietnam War era; the AK 47 is best known as the weapon of the PLO.

A lot of the hoo-hah comes from the war on drugs and the inner-city drug gang warfare. They couldn't shoot for sour apples, and the continual killing and wounding of bystanders and folks asleep in their homes created the "assault weapon" uproar, assisted by a few idiots.

The late '70s and '80s have seen more fears on the part of the Elite and in Government as to being able to control the populace. Those folks are afraid of a public at large which can say, "No, I won't."

No one thing, anywhere along the line--just a lot of miscellaneous stuff. Waco, Columbine...

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