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Second what Schmit said.

After WW II, GIs could legally bring back infantry-type weaponry except selective fire. This changed during the Korean War era. Dunno why; I was still sorta young and iggerant during my occupation duty tour, '54-'55.

The DCM began way, way back. WW I era? Seems like it was "always there".

Probably the main mouth music against guns began in the era of the JFK/RFK/MLK murders.

As far as funny looks at ARs--which came out in semi-auto for civilians soon after its introduction--I'd think it's a generic distaste for plastic among the shooting fraternity of the older times.

Remington brought out the "Nylon .22"--the 660?--which was admittedly a good shooter. But, because of the plastic, it was panned in the gun rags and by shooters in general. Heck, same sort of thing for cars and other stuff.

Folks growing up where plastic is a normal part of their world aren't as bothered by the idea. Hey, when I was a kid, cap pistols and many other toys were cast iron. Today, a 50-cent cast-iron cap-pistol in like-new condition is worth a few hundred bucks!

Today, a machine can put a smooth finish on plastic. The equivalent finish on steel takes hand work and craftsmanship.

Pick up a 100-year old Krag and work the bolt. Then take any off-the-shelf $1,000 something from your gunstore and compare...

, Art
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