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Enhanced bolts are the ticket for .308 pattern ARs. Mine is a DD and I have had JPs in the past.

As stag inferred, most ARs (AR15 and .308 pattern both) are overgassed. With the "specs" being all over the place for the .308 patterns, there is a higher likeliehood of not having a well tuned system out of the gate. Heavier buffers, springs, adjustable gas blocks etc are common ways to mitigate the issue.

With the .243 Win in a .308 pattern AR, bullet velocity is higher, which, regardless of gas length, is going to decrease dwell time over a similarly set up .308. But the bore will also have a lower volume of gas than the .308, so in most cases, it is a wash.

With .308 pattern ARs, I tend to use faster powders, not only for function, but for barrel life. The gas port, regardless of location, size and if it is angled or not, is usually the first location of erosion which, at some point robs velocity and accuracy. I have tested twin barrels with AA2200 and Varget, and the Varget always erodes out and loses accuracy before the AA2200.

I have 5 .243s in bolt and .308 pattern and sadly, I found that it just does not work to use similar loads in both. Generally, the fastest powder you have with load data will work best. The barrel and bolt will last the longest and the function will be more reliable.
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