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Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
some of you are under the delusion that wearing a suit and tie and supporting the 2nd Amendment will matter to those attacking it. news flash, aside from water being wet, nothing you do image wise, nothing, will persuade an anti 2nd amendment politician.
NOT the politician but the people that put them in office.

Showing up like you are ready and EAGER for armed civil war, CERTAINLY won't. Any more than the guy all tacticool-ed up, swaggering around a city park waiting for a confrontation with LEOs..

NOT talking about 'that' end of the spectrum but the YUGE, unaffiliated, moderate middle. MUCH larger than either end of the spectrum. They vote, BTW..They don't have an opinion, in a lot of cases, and are watching things like this rally, to help make up their mind in November 2020..

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