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I can only say that I don't go around commit crimes of any kind & they want to take away my rights for the criminals that go & murder people for no reason at all they also rape molest children lie cheat on every turn & the government wants to take away my right to have a gun what about all of those killers rapists crooks does anyone of us honestly think they will follow any law for that matter I live here at ground zero LOL in Virginia & if these bills are passed into law who wins then the criminals of course I don't have many guns buy BY GOD I am gonna what I have law or no law & I am not alone in this either they are many of us I just want to be left alone & live my life & I don't want no trouble with anyone but it's coming I can feel this in my bones people are sick of being told what the can or can't have & we are not gonna put up with this madness .I am all for law or order without it BUT when it comes to the law wanting to take my guns without no reason other than a rabbid Governor NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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