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I want to thank everyone who helped me resolve my Italian no name revolver parts problem.
!Doc. thanks for going to the trouble of taking your Navy .44's apart!
And YES, the Pocket model is, of course, a .31 - !MY BAD!
I did call VTI - And they are GREAT! TWIMC; if you have a no name Italian revolver parts problem call VTI and ask for [with her persission] Lisa - she, not only, has an encyclopedic knowledge of those unmarked revolvers; !she will take out her calipers and measure the part!
With minor hand fitting my [maybe not your] PR .44 Navy will accept a Pietta cylinder and a Uberti cylinder will drop into my [ maybe not your] FIE PR .31 Pocket.
!Hawg, thanks for the http!
!Ya'll did good work!-TYM.
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