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James K- My handloads are always with in 10 FPS. Maybe onece in a while I will have a crazy one,but 90% plus of the time I am in that 10FPS or less. My 308 for example- 175 gn Serria, 43.2 gn RL-15 and a GM Match primer, All rounds leave at 2640 to 2648 FPS. As for store ammo-Could'nt say, Never shot one yet.
And yes- I use my Chrony every time I shoot. Put the same distance away every time. I use a string attached to my Front Rest and to the Chrony too ensure I get same distance always. That is 15 feet away. My front rest and rear rest are also set by a string between them. Now unless my Chrony is bad ( pro chrony) I have to believe what it tells me.

Sorry, but I have to disagree with yor post.

Oops- Correction- Thats a 168 Serria.
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