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I'm seeing more and more / very good used shotguns around these days - guys looking to get a few bucks for guns they don't shoot anymore, etc ...

A good semi-auto is a better 1st gun choice than an inexpensive O/U that you'll probably regret buying ...and replace pretty quickly.

The other thing is fit / shotguns don't come in one size fits all. Your eye is the rear sight / and how that gun fits you ( drop at comb, and drop at heel ) affects where the point of impact is on that gun for you. You may look at a spot / but gun hits 6" low at 25 yards because the drop at comb and heel are not what you need ...

While you are figuring all this out / make a trip out to a gun club ...see what's going on / see if there are any guns there you can try / sign up for a lesson ...and determine what dimensions on a gun "fit" you. As an example - Beretta's don't fit me at all / but Brownings with parallel combs do / but Brownings like the 625 series don't fit me because they have too much drop. It doesn't mean Beretta or the Browning 625 are bad guns / they're both $ 3,000 guns for the most part - well made, etc .....but I can't shoot them. So I go to a gun like a Browning Citori XS Skeet or XS Special, or an XT model .....but that's me.... you have to figure out what stock dimensions fit you ...

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