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I've had group training which would be above and beyond individual training and it wasn't just shooting instruction. You can get this at a lot of schools. It isn't any big deal. So it even fits your concept of 'paramilitary' treeoux, only it wasn't for doing anything bad as spelled out by state laws.

There are numerous survivalists that engage in group training with absolutely no ill will towards any other group, citizenry, or the goverment, but are concerned with societal breakdown in general. Their training fits the typical non-[il]legal definition of being paramilitary training. They are simply concerned with using group dynamics to overcome adversity.

So the term, "paramilitary" is given a bad name in its legal use where such is defined as being illegal because it involves training for the commission of illegal acts, but the same training not for the commission of illegal acts isn't legally paramilitary even if it is the same training.
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