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“I have just ordered the barrel - reamer and gauges for the project from Brownell’s”

rich s, did I leave out the part about separating the barrel from the receiver, many years ago I purchased a barrel vise, it came with wood blocks, seems at the time wood blocks were barrel finish friendly, the barrels I had to remove were installed by a go-rillo, I came close to setting the wood blocks on fire, the barrels never budged. Then I made metal blocks for the barrel vise and installed the barrel in a 20 ton press, and that was the end of my learning how to remove a barrel days.

Along with the barrel vise a receiver wrench is required, there are times I have added a 4 foot pipe to the handle of the barrel vise, 4 ft. X 300 lb. = 1,200 foot pounds of torque, no, 1,200 foot pounds of torque is not necessary when installing the barrel, there are times the barrel is stubborn when removing. I have never had to cut the barrel in front of the receiver ring and I have never cracked a receiver.

I have no clue what a barrel vise and receiver wrench cost today. could be as much as $200.00, my advise,avoid the wood blocks.

I have purchased take off barrels that had pipe wrench marks on the barrel.

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