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head v. heart

I've owned several M94 Wins, and although I have not a a Marlin 336, I have had an 1894 Marlin carbine (technically the 336's predecessor, design wise) for a long time.

The Marlins have a lot going for them. The lever can be undone and they can be cleaned from the breech, and the bolt, ejector and extractor are easy to access for cleaning and repair. Not so the Win. Marlin's can be easier to scope. The fact that they are a tad heavier, and stocked with a pistol grip (most of them) and a wider butt make them easier to shoot for many folks.

For a long while, until recently, you could buy a package deal Marlin with a scope and sling, cheaper than an unscoped bolt rifle, and ammo was a bit cheaper too. Marlins were always the poor boy deer rifle around here. The public range always had a good bit of .30-30 brass on the ground (not any more!). NOw days, with the poly stocked budget bolt rifles, the Marlins have faded.

But when I hunted deer w/ a .30-30 lever, it was always a Win. They are lighter and I was into covering ground high and rough in the laurel thickets. And they seemed more simple, earthy, straightforward. I regret selling mine, though the Marlins make sense from a tech standpoint.
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