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All these guys are spot on . I tried using my Sig SRD762 .30 cal supressor on my Ruger American 22LR bolt action rifle. Made almost no decrease in sound . Supressors are designed to work best within a specific window of gas volume and pressure. You can "try" to crossover apply a supressor to a different caliber but it simply wont work well, and you may actually harm your supressor. My personal example was when i decided to try my Griffin Rev45 piston type handgun can on my 5.56 AR15 . The intense internal gasses heat killed the internal piston spring and i had all kinds of loose fitting parts issues until i figured out what happened. Running a lower pressure / heat can on a higher pressure / heat application will end up bad. Luckily i was legally able to purchase replacement piston parts. Had i had internal baffle issues, i would have been SOL, as you can't legally purchase replacement baffles or the main body tube.
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