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My experience with several early-model Minis was that they were quite reliable for hitting where I wanted with the first shot or two. I've yet to read even the detractors commenting about first-shot "hittability". It's all been gripes about group size for five or more shots--which is pretty much irrelevant to hunting.
I agree. The problem with shots 2-3-4-etc was usually barrel harmonics and whip. That's why the tuners cut them down to 16" and add a muzzle brake or tuning device or even cut the barrel so that it's only 16.5" with a brake pinned in place. The shorter barrel with a heavy mass at the end reportedly isn't as effected by harmonics and has less tendency to whip. At least that's how it was explained to me. GW claims 1-1.5MOA or less is doable but I can't see well enough with irons to test that. What I do know is that a trigger job does wonders for the 1st shot.
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