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I have never in my life seen a QSZ -92 in person. As such, I call shenanigans on the idea that it's the 6th highest selling handgun in the country.

In my neck of the woods, it breaks down something like this:
  1. Ruger LCP
  2. S&W Airweight J-Frames
  3. S&W Bodyguard .380
  4. KelTec .380/.32
  5. Glock 26/27
  6. 3" 1911's, various brands
  7. Beretta PX4
  8. Springfield XD
  9. Taurus small-frame revolvers
  10. Ruger MKIII pistols

If you notice a pattern there, it's the fact that most are small, "concealable" guns. What worries me is that many first-time buyers want to start on those things. There's no talking them out of it.

Regrettably, most don't ever become good shooters as a result.
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