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Here's the response I got from FTF. I'm not exactly thrilled with the upper being a "Frankenstein" upper, but I do have to admit their customer service is good, since they offered a full refund & to pick up the tab of returning it.

The upper from that order is a standard chrome moly barreled upper(detailed description below) ..We build our uppers using ER Shaw barrels for the chrome moly barreled uppers and Wilson Arms barrels for our uppers with chrome lined barrels ..We build on Bushmaster upper receivers..We are partnered with M1 Sales to buy barrels from these mfgs and since they are a much larger volume buyer from both they get their stamp on the barrel which is fine for us but those are the actual 2 manufacturers of each type barrel. We don't use Bushmaster barells but do build on the upper an d that is probably where the confusion is here ..The "Bushmaster brand" barrel would cost almost as much for the barrel as we sell the entire upper assembly for. We will be glad to hep you out here if that is not what you were looking for just use the following RMA instruction to return for refund.
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