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Proud P95 owner, had some problems with break in, limp wristing issues as others have mentioned, but this was only ever present with underpowered ammunition, run-of-the-mill target stuff, Blazer, Federal, WWB, etc. At about the 750 round point the problems vanished, and in about 4k rounds since then, the only hiccup was a limp wrist by a new shooter. And that was once. Had an inexperienced brother put the entire slide in my barrel wash (basically just CLR) and now it just looks like a really worn out two tone. In about 500 rounds of it, it has never once jammed on good ammo (home defense stuff), many of this shot when it was already filthy from range ammo.

Case-in-point, had a guy at the range talking down on ruger products in general (due to his defective mini 14), so I grabbed the ruger out of my muddy trunk, covered in crap, same bullets have been sitting in it for months and months. Set up a few empty cigarette packs on the berm, about 105ish yards out, and after a 2 shot walk-up, was hitting them, or close enough to tear them up, every time. Granted, this was with Ranger SXT 147gr's, regular 115 or 124 target ammo wouldn't stay nearly that straight. But with good ammo, it is a tack driver. Just need trigger control.

Conclusion: Phenomenal trunk gun.

But a nuclear blast?

Well, it's not a mosin..
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