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too much finger?

a question on proper finger placement when squeezing the trigger. I know there are variations and different ways of shooting but the common method, the method taught in Basic Training, is to put the fleshy, fingerprint part of the finger on the trigger. I've mostly fired rifles and pistols on single action. and I didn't used to pay as much attention to my technique. but i just bought a DA revolver and noticed when i squeezed the trigger, it jerked to the right at the very last second. when firing SA, it's either not there or so small that i don't notice. i do know i shoot to the right with a pistol though. so i focused on my trigger squeeze and did it over and over, trying to pull the trigger straight back. always jerked. remembering an article i read by Ayoob, i put my finger through to the first joint and squeezed. no jerke on SA or DA. so, do i need to figure out what's wrong with my trigger pull or do i just need to use more finger from now on, firing "incorrectly" if you listen to what my drill sergeants said all those years ago?
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