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Webleymkv - - youre likely very right about the commonality of names.

Awhile ago I was in a local gunshop, and there was a gentleman in his mid 70s there who had just been "delayed" a rifle purchase when they called it in. The fellow was puzzled as he had purchased firearms for many years, had a clean record, and was a vet. He hadn't included his SSN on the app and the gun store clerk said that this can help move things through. - - -I've been including the SSN on the app since then; I figure theyve got it anyway.

Thank you everyone, I've appreciated your comments. Even with the 'further review' I was approved on the last few purchases within a couple minutes of overhearing those words. I'm grateful at that, and will stop being concerned about 'mysteries' that I have no control over. Best regards, - - -
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