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The reason I mention statistical training in these threads is the constant misuse of the average as a decision metric. There is also the inability for some folks to realize that incidents of any type are multicausal and may vary in characteristics.

Thus, we see a lot of nonsense about the decision rules used. Yes, you can plan for the base rate response and probabilitistically you will be fine. But, again and again - what cut off on the extremes to you take into account.

If you don't get this argument and only want to argue from anecdote - then you really do need at least familarity with research design.

Criminological stats are all over the place and very suspect. The folks who actual know stats know this quite well.

Again, for the civilian - the modal gun usage indicates the need for NO ammo.

It's like folks arguing about stopping power mechanisms with no knowledge of physiology at all. Maybe we should talk about how a COM shot disrupts the basic humors of the body as described the ancient Greeks.
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