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At first I'd think it's weird the percentage of hits went down so far but...

Have any of you fired a NYPD Glock 19? They have NY-2 triggers. I've fired one so set up and it's awfull. Two, when you fire more rounds, I'd expect more misses for the simple reason if it's hard to connect with one shot, then it will be harder to connect with 6 or 7! And also when more than one cop fires, well then several 15 shot pistols are firing and that's a lot of lead in the air.

In Dallas about 10 years a go three cops stopped a shotgun welding man. The BG got out of his pickup and pointed the shotgun at the cops (bad move that.) Well they fired something like 107 rounds. Hit him 11 times I think (not seriously!!!!!) Some of the rounds hit houses behind him, some hit is truck, others it signs and trees.

So I can see both the number of shots going up and the hit rate going down.
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