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Skyguy and Scattergun Bob are correct.
The original NYPD SOP9 dat were collected when the NYPD was for the most part using revolvers. Thgey have been updated since the switch to 9mm semiautos.
Interestingly, the average no. of shots fired to terminate a police-perp encounter by NYPD officers has gone up to 6.9

In 1990 the overall police hit potential was 19%.
In 1992 the overall police hit potential was 17%.
And in 2000, when semiauto's were in widespread use, the average hit potential was...
Less than 9%.

So, it would seem that use of higher capacity handguns has increased the number of shots fired per incident, but the probability of hit per shots fired has significantly decreased.

The original NYPD SOP9 finding that shot placement is the single most important factor in ending a gunfight remains true.
So, in actual police shootings the data show:
shooting more does not increase hit potential;
shooting 3-4 shots is adequate if placement is good.

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