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A Crumpet is kinda like a thick pancake. Made with Wheat flour, water, sugar, Salt, Acid (Glucono Delta-Lactone), yeast, perservative (Potassium sorbate), stabiliser (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).
Served lightly grilled or toasted, with butter or jam. Just having one now, with my tea.

The SA80 is a difficult weapon to clean, there are two retaining pins in the bolt carrier that are easy to lose. Other problems include a mainspring which is not powerful enough to strip the live round from the top of a full magazine, lots of small parts to lose, the SUSAT sight steams up, iron sights that fall off, sensitive to dirt, heavy trigger pull etc etc.

The Design Authority for SA80, formerly Royal Ordnance but now Heckler and Koch UK (Ltd.), was tasked in 1996 to investigate the reliability of the SA80 weapon system. Heckler and Koch reported in 1998 that there might be underlying problems with the reliability of the system and presented their proposals for modifications. A contract was placed in mid-1998 with Heckler and Koch for the modification of 200 weapons to be used for trials to determine the effectiveness of these modifications. Deliveries of these modified weapons were made in January 1999. The MOD conducted user trials in hot and cold climatic conditions with a range of NATO ammunition types. The trials were completed in July 1999 and the formal Design Authority report was delivered to the MOD in late December 1999. The trials confirmed that, after modification, there were significant improvements in the reliability of both the SA80 rifle and Light Support Weapon. Urgent work is in hand to assess the wider implications of the Design Authority report, including the cost, and a decision on any modification programme is expected by the end of March 2000.
The SA80 weapon system remains suspended from the NATO Nominated Weapons List, the list of weapons for use in the testing of
NATO approved ammunition types.


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