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Even outside NY state there are places where the right to carry is limited (courthouses, other govt bldgs), but NYC is a place where I'll say in Times Square on New Year's Eve I wouldn't even consider drawing a gun in self defense because the chances of overpenetration or a miss will likely mean certain danger to bystanders.

Of course, that is a personal decision I make because I'm not a moron and understand the consequences of a DGU in such a crowded place. That said, would banning conceal carry in Times Square on 12/31 stop someone from doing it? No, laws stop absolutely nothing from being done, they just allow for punishment after the fact.

If the State of New York and others have the power to deny the use of certain items for self defense then they apparently they apparently have the power to deny a person from using any form of self defense and at that point we'll end up like England where even if a woman uses a dye to identify a rapist and it blinds him if it goes in his eye, she's guilty of assault.

The issue at hand is can a state deny a carry license for reasons of self defense, so I don't see the shall issue system of other states being affected, it's only going to be the few may issue states that are affected.

Even then, and I've discussed this before, but the next step those states will take is to deny people a permit they'll create a qualification process so difficult as to be impossible to pass, such as hitting a quarter at 1000 yards 100 out of 100 times or having to take 800 hours of classroom training at your expense.
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