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As I read both the briefs filed and reports of questions asked by the Justices, the issue will boil down to citizens rights to "bear" arms (concealed) in public for self defense, and where that Constitutional Right may legitimately be denied by the State:

Originally Posted by Associated Press
"Chief Justice John Roberts and other conservative members of the court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, suggested New York’s law goes too far. Why, Roberts asked, does a person seeking a license to carry a gun in public for self defense have to show a special need to do so. “The idea that you would need a license to exercise a right is unusual with regard to the Bill of Rights,” he said.

But Roberts was also among the justices who pressed a lawyer for the law’s challengers on where guns might be prohibited. Could a football stadium or a college campus be off limits, he asked.

“What sort of place do you think they could be excluded from? Any place where alcohol is served?” Roberts asked.

Paul Clement, arguing on behalf of New York residents who want an unrestricted right to carry concealed weapons in public, replied that while government buildings and schools might be off limits, bars “might be a tougher case for the government.”

But answering questions from Justices Elena Kagan and Amy Coney Barrett, Clement suggested that perhaps bans on guns in the New York City subway system, Yankee Stadium and Times Square on New Year’s Eve might be all right."
In my opinion as well, the SCOTUS decision will likely admit that New York is within its rights to narrowly restrict locations where citizens may NOT bear concealed firearms for self-defense; however, (as stated in the brief filed by Clements linked by the OP) will find New York over-reaches in defining the entire State of New York as a de facto 'restricted location'.

This will likely send the matter back to the legislature to define where the line shall be drawn...
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