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Originally Posted by jmr40 View Post
The traditional way for military rifles with iron sights was to zero at 25 yards. That would also mean a 300 yard zero. But between 25 and 300 yards the bullet would be above line of sight. Several inches high, and enough to miss if you're shooting at a smaller target. But the original iron sights were designed to work with this method.

On my AR'sn with optics I just zero at 100 and go from there. That works better for me. And now that the military is using optics on all of their rifles I don't know how they are zeroing them.

They have started to call it a 12" zero. The range at which the bullet will never be more than 6" high or 6" low from the aiming point. The new Army rifle qual is a bit harder and they have changed up a few things.

My son is at Basic as we speak. They shoot the qual course at least 5 times, first time with blanks. But they still have BUIS and they still have to zero and shoot with the BUIS once before they move on to the Optic, which they sight the same. He is doing BUIS zeroing today.
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