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Depends on if your using a scope or open sights, and if the sights are on a carry handle.
The higher your sights/scope are above the bore the LOWER your bullet will impact on the 25yd target if sighted in at 100yds. It's not unusual for a scope on an AR to be over 2" above the center of the bore, even a flat top with sights is slightly over 1.5" which would put a bullet over an inch low at 25yds when sighted in at 100yds. Typically a rifle sighted in at 25yds will also hit center of the target around 250yds with the top of the trajectory around 200yds, probably 3" high.
The trajectory of the 223 is relatively flat out to 200yds, the bullet is only shedding approximately 100fps per 100yds.
These are all estimates, informed however because I've hunted coyotes with an ar-15 since 1989 in the western plains.
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