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Pahoo... my dog earned a heart, which he gobbled with relish. He did not get his heart immediately, only after the bird was in my vest and we had moved on. Guts were a “leave it!” And he obeyed. He was very excited and interested in what was in the back my vest. The heart was in a front pocket. He got his heart for settling down, sitting, laying down, obeying while excited. I reckon I don’t want him to associate “my” bird with “his” bird heart. No chewing the bird! So far so good.

I have friends that have greyhounds or salukis; it’s great to see a sight hound in it’s element and doing the job they do best. I bet that dog seems to fly.

My wife thanks you fellas, she loves watching the dog work and he is a joy for her to command too... but she doesn’t hunt and I am retired and hunt when working folks can’t be in the field because of work. It was her idea to get me a dog so I would have a hobby that gets me back in the outdoors. She’s smart. But she’s heard enough about our hunts while she’s stuck inside in her office job.

No matter troubles or dark moods, it’s impossible to be unhappy around a joyful dog doing his job.
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