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I had a MOAB(mgmt of aggressive behavior) incident with a unstable subject who was claiming that he was off his medications & wanted to harm himself.

I texted my security manager to come & assist me ASAP. I used my cell text because I was right next to the male.
My mgr drove past my location & went to a gas station to fill up his car.

He later claimed he thought I was texting as a joke. I really think he got cold feet & didn't want to get into a critical incident.
FWIW; 2 uniformed deputies came on scene & escorted the male to a local psych ward for a 72hr hold. The patrol deputies didn't even search the guy! They just opened the rear door & said; "get in".

I was armed on that post & stayed calm but it was tense.
As noted some armed professionals are "green" & need a few events to level them out. When I started armed work in 2002 where I reside now, I didn't carry any non-lethal weapons. After a few incidents on duty, I got a few weapons to add on so I wouldn't need to go straight into lethal force.
"Squared away" security firms have training officers or field training to monitor new officers & gauge the conduct/techniques but many companies today just let officers/guards go off with little to no supervision at all.
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